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Save with Usborne Books & Lia Sophia & support your friendly business woman!

Hi everyone - now is the time to start thinking about Christmas, making your lists and figuring out your budget for holiday gifts. I have a few suggestions and over the next 6 weeks will be running lots of reviews, stocking ideas and more right here on GivingNSharing! Today we are going to talk about how you can SAVE by hosting a Home Party or asking for Customer Specials. I'll also feature a couple of helpful printables that you can use as you set up your budget & gift giving lists.

Let's start with the printables:


There are ways to save by shopping the sales of course, but have you ever considered hosting a show with a Home Based Business like Usborne Books or Lia Sophia? Let me explain:

Each month most companies have Hostess Specials, Customer Specials, and Sign Up Specials. Today I'm going to talk about Hostess & Customer Specials and give you both for 2 different companies.

Usborne Books & More is known as THE Book Company for Kids! Kids LOVE reading these books & ask for them. Often I have kids that come up to me when I have booths and they spend their allowance, babysitting and extra money on a new book or two. I find most parents & grandparents are more than willing to buy a book or two before they'll consider buying a toy or something that will break or their kid will get bored with in a week. WHY? Because parents & teachers know how important education is - and if a kid has a passion for a certain subject - then that kid is going to want to read that book and not even know they are learning.

TIP: Find out what your kid is interested in, make sure the book is interactive (internet linked, puzzles, games, questions) and your kid will want to read it.

These specials are good November 1 - December 17th:

November's Hostess Special:  
Have a $600 Show (Net Sales) and you normally receive $110 in FREE Books - from November 1 to December 17th you'll receive an additional $100 in EXTRA FREE Books. You'll also receive another $150 in 1/2 Price Books. 

Now, if you are an Aunty like me with 12 nieces & nephews from 3 years to 16 and also own a daycare with 3 kids age 3 to 7 - $210 will go a long way in providing Christmas Gifts! 

Book Your Holiday Catalog or Home Show & Get Your Gifts FREE & Discounted!

November's Customer Specials: Click Here for More Details
Each month Usborne offers Deals for Customers that can save you quite a bit. =D Most of the books are discounted around 25% to 50% and you can get 3 of them for every $40 you spend!

Black Friday Sales! Find out what's being offered: Click Here to sign up for my monthly newsletter which will tell you about sales, hostess & customer offers and starting your business. The link is in the left sidebar, just scroll down a little. =D

If you'd like to host a catalog or home show (Omaha area) just email me and we can chat. Just show the catalogs & give out your eShow webpage & get FREE and Discounted items for Christmas!

lia sophia 
For the adults in my life I decided to host a Lia Sophia Party so I can save some SERIOUS money on gifts for my Mom & my Sister (and myself too). I'd love to share the catalog with you & you can join me with a little Christmas Shopping. Tammy is offering a couple of really (really really) good specials to my friends:

Offer #1

Catalog Show Specials!
Order ANY 2 Full Price Items
and get 4 Half-Off items!

Offer #2
WIN an item up to $100
Order = 1 entry 
Host = 2 entries

For more information on hosting a show:

Get more than $250 in jewelry credits for $15
(That's 40% of sales in jewelry credits with 10 guests        
w/ orders & 2 guests book their own party.)

Everyday Hostess Benefits:
20% of sales in jewelry credits
Just for having a party, you can earn FREE jewelry.
4 select styles up to 85% off + any 5 items @ 1/2 price. Styles market Hostess Bonus items are priced just for you.

My Catalog Show is open until 11/30
Online orders will be shipped directly to you.

Order here:
                                      Hostess: Tina Peterson

                                     Email Tammy Here

Disclaimer: I wasn't offered any money to share these plans with you. I personally am an Usborne Books Consultant and am hosting a Lia Sophia show - but was not required to post about either company nor was I paid to share this savings idea.


  1. I love Usborne Books. They are so creative and keep my kids attention. Thanks for the great savings tips.

    1. You are very welcome =D You are welcome to host a catalog show if you're interested. We have awesome books for infant all the way through middle grade (grade 8'ish). Just let me know.

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