Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Weigh In w/ the ShapelyGirl Fitness Crew - Wk 4

Good Friday everyone! This has been an interesting week. My Half-Brother came out of his coma this week, is sitting up and has realized that he is paralyzed on his right side and can't speak. BUT the key word is he is no longer in a coma and now has the opportunity to set some goals and strive forward to improve. You and I can do that too.

Since August I have been working on losing weight - 25 pounds so far - through changing my eating patterns, exercising with the ShapelyGirls Fitness Crew and doing Body by Vi. I'm amazed I've gotten this far considering how I've hurt my back and come down with the good 'ole Respiratory Flu. This week I managed to get in 2 more workouts - inbetween coughing fits and exhaustion (I was in bed at 6 last night). I made it my goal to do as much as I possibly could until I physically couldn't do any more (basically when I'd start coughing to much and it was making me hurt). Then I would put down the CD and try to finish it later in the day. So actually I'm looking at 4 mini workouts - and I think I'm starting to improve. I think.

Today I tried one of the bonus tracks. Let me tell you - I am SO NOT Coordinated! I cannot get those Sachets (no idea how to spell that one) and then to combine it with side steps, wedding marches, knee lifts and then THE ARMS???? I have a lot of marching in there somewhere.

I can't wait till I can get through a whole workout and keep up with THE GIRLS. Still haven't tried to do the actual workout itself - maybe at the end of our 6 week Challenge I'll get there. Check this out and see if you can keep up:

Right now all the videos on the ShapelyGirl Fitness site are on reduced with FREE Shipping (for orders over $24.95 in the Continental US only). Click here if you'd like to see her videos - there are ones for Stepping, Walking, Get Moving 1 and Get Moving 2 with weights.

This week's prayer request is for continued healing not only for myself but also for Chad (he's in his late 30's I think). He had a very serious stroke on 9/29 and they weren't sure he was going to make it - but he is improving on a daily basis and my hope and prayer is that someone will share with him the love of Christ and that he will become a Christian. I've been giving his mom words of hope and strength that she can share with him (she is a Christian) and there are many prayer warriors out there praying for him. He is a great guy & a great dad and I know that he would make a wonderful Son of God.

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Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of Walking Fit & Fabulous to use and review as part of a 6 week ShapelyGirl Fitness Crew. I was not required to provide a positive review nor was I given any money. So far I'm loving this one!


  1. Oh, that's wonderful news that he's out of the coma. I'll be praying for his continued healing as well as yours. It's not easy to exercise when you're feeling so yucky, so great job for trying. Keep up the good work!

  2. You shared so much wonderful news- out of a coma! And 25# lost is amazing, too.

  3. biphedadreneYou are a girl fitness body very beautiful so great job work!


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