Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday Weigh In w/ the ShapelyGirl Fitness Crew - Wk 1

Week One is HERE! Amazing! In many ways I've been excited to be able to do this with Sierra (one of the kids I watch) and yet it's a little nerve racking too.

I will be working for the next 4-5 weeks with the ShapelyGirl Fitness Crew on a Fitness Event that will be focused on using the ShapelyGirl Fitness DVD's and Debra Mazda's motivation to help us get through the next month.

I love that this series of videos is called ShapelyGirl Fitness - why? because it fits WHO I am and have become. Course, I've always been Shapely - wanna know WHY I allowed myself to start gaining weight?

Besides the serious cravings I had in my 20's and 30's (for sugar of course) - I was a big hipped tiny topped gal. Size 16 jeans and size 12 tops or a Medium. I hated having jeans that didn't fit almost as much as I hated wearing belts. 

So, that being said, each Friday all of us ShapelyGirl Fitness Gals are going to be accountable to each other (and you) to share our goals, weight loss, thoughts and frustrations. There are 4 different DVD's and between 27 Gals - we are doing them all! 

What is the ShapelyGirl Revolution?
A movement to empower ShapelyGirls to get fit and feel fabulous, while enjoying the journey to better health. They are women who are mothers, daughters, sisters, teachers, doctors (and the list goes on), usually overweight and have a desire to feel & look better.

ShapelyGirl Fitness has been featured on Exercise TV on Demand and QVC. There are 4 main types of DVD's:

1. Walking Fit & Fabulous DVD 
2. Let's Get Moving 2 - Cardio Toning with Weights DVD 
3. Let's Get Stepping! DVD - a basic step cardio workout
4. Let's Get Moving! DVD - Low Impact Cardio workout

and... Debra Mazda's Life-Guide for ShapelyGirls 2 CD set - a 10 part motivational program for a healthy life.

Right now, all CD's, DVD's and apparel are on sale on Debra's website. We'd love to have you preview the program for the next 4 weeks and if you'd like to join us just order your DVD's now while they are on sale and then let us know how things are going in the comments below each Friday's post. 

Keep in Mind: This plan is NOT a Diet. It's to encourage ShapelyGirls Fitness Gals to exercise. Losing Weight and Feeling Good is a natural follow through (or it should be). No Diet is required. 

Here is a clip from Walking Fit & Fabulous which is the DVD I will be using:

I am asking for prayer - 
With Fibromyalgia I have to be really careful to not overdo any activity I'm trying to do. I've been having a lot of pain in the achilles tendon of both feet for about 4-5 weeks now and when I do any amount of sitting it locks up. Mornings are awful BUT I'm hoping since I'm doing the Walking Fit and Fabulous! DVD that it will warm up slowly enough that it's not going to hurt my tendon as much as a full-blown workout such as stepping would. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Week 1:
Goal - 175 pounds
Weight - 249 pounds (I've actually lost 15 pounds this month using the Body by Vi Shapely plan.)
Size - 22/24 - would like to get to about a 14 which is when I feel the best.

More information:
Connect with Shapely Girl Fitness on Facebook     
Connect on Twitter with Debra Mazda

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Meet some of the other 26 gals on the ShapelyGirls Fitness Team. This October, each Friday, come back here and visit each gal to cheer & encourage her on! Thanks!
Disclosure: I was given a copy of the Walking DVD by ShapelyGirls Fitness to use in my home and review on my blog. No money exchanged hands and I was not required to have a positive review/experience.


  1. Love non-diet programs that encourage healthy lifestyle changes and activity. julieann r

  2. Good luck on your fitness goals!


  3. Love the website thanks for sharing your fitness goals it is encouraging to others when they read it.

  4. Praying for you as we travel through this fitness journey together.

  5. Fantastic and inspiring--the best of luck to you!

  6. I am praying for you girl and doing this with you too! We can do this and even have fun in the process. Blessings. I retweeted your post. You can see mine at

  7. praying for you. We can do this. Take it slow and easy.

  8. Pray for me and I will pray for you!! We can do ALL things through Christ who stregthens us!

  9. Praying for you too! Just modify when necessary and you will be fine! Looking forward to being on this journey with you.


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