Friday, August 17, 2012

A "Sort Of" Birthday Party slash End of Summer Party!

Sunday is Sierra's 3rd birthday and today is the last day of summer vacation for Lizy, Hailey & Jake and so I made up a "sort of" birthday slash end of summer party. It was an All Day event.....

Breakfast was Fruit Parfaits based on Family Funs Fruit Nachos (sort of):

I cut up 2 apples and 2 pears into chunks and added them to 4 bowls. Then I added a scoop of Plain Yogurt, drizzled on some honey and then topped it with frozen berries. Sierra wasn't impressed and ended up eating peanut butter english muffins.

(We eat outside everyday because my apartment is to small to seat 5 people at the table. Starting Monday I'll only have Sierra all day and Hailey for a few hours. So I made up a "patio" of sorts with flowers, tableclothes, etc.)

Then the kids went to the backyard and made up yet another tent - and Sierra ran into a bush and scratched her cheek, arm and finger. I think the bush won!

We then ran to Washington Elementary and met Hailey's new 2nd grade teacher, found her desk and then we ran to Stinson Park so the kids could play. Sierra kept falling asleep in the swing. She's so tiny she still fits in the baby swings - the lady next to me and I were laughing at Sierra, poor kid, because she kept dozing off.

After lunch and Sierra's 2 hour nap we played with playdo. Last night at about 11 pm I made up Koolaid Playdo. This is the softest, most durable playdo you've ever used. The colors are really vibrant and the smell is wonderful. Here is the recipe so you can make some up for playtime:

1 cup flour
koolaid playdo
1 cup water
1/2 cup salt
1-2 packets of dry koolaid (you can use dry jello too)
1 tsp of Cream of Tartar (this is probably the ONLY time you'll ever use this so get the small container)
2 Tab vegetable oil of some kind.

Put all ingredients in a sauce pan and set the flame/burner on 3 (medium). Stir the whole time. As soon as the mixture starts pulling away from the sides turn OFF the heat and continue stirring until it forms a ball. Remove from the pan and start kneading it for a few minutes. Note: it will be very hot and Mom/Dad or Teacher should make this up. Store in the refrigerator in Quart Size bags. Make up at least 2-3 colors.

(Note: the picture was from Pinterest (of course). It's anonymous as my computer keeps freezing up & I just gave up. Sorry)

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