Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Today my best friend came to town and we spent the day together. We went to lunch at TGI Fridays and then went to see Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts & Nathan Lane and a few other wonderful actors that I'm not familiar with.

Mirror, Mirror is based on the popular children's story Snow White - but it has a lots of twists and turns that I wasn't expecting & to be honest I loved this one a LOT more than the original versions. Julia Roberts plays the Evil Queen - she's beautiful and she knows it and she doesn't mind stomping on others in her way. Nathan Lane (one of my favorite actors) plays her bumbling "bootlicker" who knew Snow White's parents before the Evil Queen came to the palace and froze everyone out. He brings a great comedic presence to a movie which didn't necessarily need him - but between him and Julia they made the movie.

At this point the show begins to twist & turn - the dwarves are highwaymen on stilts, there is a monster in the woods and the prince and his travel companion end up being waylaid by the dwarves (napoleon, half-pint, grubb, grim, wolf, chuckles & butcher) and Snow White rescues them. After he meets Snow White at a ball in honor of the Prince's arrival at the palace and the Queen deciding she's going to marry him - the story takes off when the dwarves take in Snow White and teach her to be a Highway Woman. I'm not telling you any more. It starts slow - but it's definitely a funny show!

I just found out who plays the King - another favorite actor of mine - Sean Bean. I actually thought he was Liam Neeson (that's who he reminded me of). The Prince is Armie Hammer (another I hadn't heard of - he reminded me of Brenden Fraser in his voice) and Snow White is Lily Collins (who reminded me of the gal who plays Snow White in Once Upon a Time on ABC).

Check out the website - there are coloring books, a great trailer, wicked tales and a dressing room to play with the fancy ball gowns & dresses in the movie!

Mirror Mirror (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Mirror, Mirror Soundtrack
Be sure to check out the soundtrack too. There is quite a bit of classical music with this CD but there is a lot of "pop" too and the final song to the movie is sung in Bollywood style which was really different. Fun but different. 

The soundtrack features an original score by 8 time Oscar winning composer Alan Menken, along with 2 new versions of the reworked Nina Hart song "I believe in love" which are sung by Lily Collins at the end of the movie during the closing credits. 

The CD has a nice variety of music - most of it is very classical with a great strings & brass section that signify the change of the mood, tension or scene in the movie and I recognized the music as I watched the movie which helped the CD make sense. 

                               Listen to "I Believe In Love" 
                                 (Evil Queen Mix) here.

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  1. I really want to see this movie. The soundtrack sounds great too. Must check it out. Thanks for sharing.


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