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EcoStoreUSA ~ review

Prior to beginning my blog and getting to read all the wonderful "green" and "natural" blogs that are out there I really hadn't gotten involved in the organic, natural scene other than to try to get foods from the farmer's market and using whole food supplements from JP+.  One of the benefits has been getting to try and use products that I know are high quality, natural, have No Nasty ChemicalsTM  and ultimately I can feel good about standing behind and suggesting to my friends.

Today I have a review of 2 of EcoStoreUSA's household products. EcoStoreUSA has made an effort to make a difference in the community through education and challenges each of us to Join The Movement. You stay informed and able to help educate the world about eco-friendly products that contribute to healthy lifestyles & you will automatically be entered to WIN exclusive product promotions, join their valued supporter list and receive updates on New Products, Special Promotions and Sales. Click here to Join the Movement!

~ Product Review

coconut_bodycopyIf you have sensitive skin like I do you may want to consider trying the Coconut & Vanilla Body Wash. I loved how it smelled and it sudded up really nice using one of those mesh pouf balls we all love. The only thing I didn't really care for is when you pour it out the body wash is very thin and you can waste it if you aren't careful and it also makes the bottle pretty slippery so it is a little easy to drop. On the other hand due to it being so thin you don't have to use as much, you don't end up with soapy crud on the walls and surfaces of your tub or shower. To me that is a HUGE blessing! It would be wonderful if the body wash was packaged in a bottle that we could add a pump to so it's not wasted and you can control it easier.
If you don't care for coconut you might look at the Orange & Patchouli or the Rose & Cardamon Body Washes and if you prefer bar soaps there are several kinds like Vanilla, Manuka Honey & Kelp, Lemongrass and Coconut for you to choose from.

Body Washes - $4.75 for a 13.5 oz bottle (it's big!)
Hand Washes - $3.40 for a 8.5 oz bottle w/ pump
Bar Soaps - $1.80 for a 2.8 oz bar

Note: ecoSTORE USA body care products do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, artificial dyes, perfumes or preservatives, which means they are extremely kind to sensitive skin. All of their soaps are created from pure vegetable oils and natural fragrances.  

Pure Oxygen Whitener:

US_OxyI also received a bottle of the Pure Oxygen Whitener ($7.85 35 oz!!) which when I ordered it I was thinking it was similar to a bleach for laundry - and it is - but it does so much more than that! It can be used for diapers as well as everyday cleaning - toilets, sinks, anything that you would normally use Comet on it will do. Basically the Whitener is a powdered cleaner made from mineral salts and plant based ingredients. You just pour it on the surface (a little goes a long way) and then add a little water to your scouring pad (or sponge if using that) and scour it on. Once it dissolves in water oxygen is released and it gently lifts stains and dirt to clean and whiten whatever your using it on.

I have a very old porcelain sink in my kitchen that is really stained and scratched and I thought I would try the Whitener on that just to see if it might help clean up my sink a little bit. I scoured the sink and left a fairly thick coating on the sink and then left it overnight. Normally you won't need to do that - but that sink was nasty looking! The next morning I went to check it out and I was really surprised how much of the stains had been lifted up (really wish I had taken pictures of this!). 

You can also use the Whitener on colored clothing without worrying about it "bleaching" white spots through and ruining your clothes. It's Enzyme Free formula helps keep Whites -WHITE and if your whites are old and dingy looking it lighten up any stains if not get rid of them altogether.

Other Cleaning products you might be interested in:


I received actual products from EcoStoreUSA to review. I was not required to write a positive review and no money exchanged hands. All comments and thoughts within this review are my own.

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