Wednesday, January 4, 2012 ~ Swingline Stapler Review

One of the things that I've noticed the last few years is that my dexterity and ability to do fine motor tasks has changed. The ability to carry things, turn things over, pick up anything with weight causes sharp stabbing pain in my hands and forearms and I end up dropping whatever I'm trying to do. I often need to prop up a tool and grasp it with both hands to complete a motion and have started resorting to going to Kinko's and paying someone to do basic office tasks such as cutting paper, stapling, etc or asking if I can use their electronic tools just to make those tasks easier.

The Swingline Stapler

I received a Swingline SmartTouch Stapler from this week and it was so nice to use a tool that was smooth functioning, easy to grasp and use. I tried it first on just one sheet of paper and then noticed that it was supposed to work on UP TO 25 sheets of paper and so I thought that I would take the time and prep my booth entry forms in groups of 25 sheets so I could just grab them and go on my way to book fairs. Sure enough, the precision engineered chisel point staples went through all 25 sheets effortlessly without my hand straining or having to use both hands to work it.

The ergonomic style of this stapler made it very easy to hold. It fit my hand comfortably and the soft touch accents helped with grasping it so I didn't drop it or have to rest my hand after just a few sets of forms. The style and design of the stapler also had another benefit: the reduced-effort, low-force stapler gave me the ability to do repetitive motion tasks with 50% less effort.

I did have some difficulty adding the Swingline Premium Chisel Point Staple at first. You have to push the button at the back of the stapler and the staple "tray" opens and then you pull it out. There is a copper colored piece at the back of the tray and the strip of staples at the full length wouldn't allow me to close the tray. I ended up having to break off part of the staples before I could close it up. The staples have a 100% performance guarantee with chiseled points designed for minimal jamming.

You can purchase office supplies like the Swingline Stapler (#SW 166503) online at for $14.37 and the staples (#SW 135450) are $2.02 right now.

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