Monday, October 31, 2011

Payvment ~ marketing suggestions needed...

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I just opened my first online "store" this weekend and thought I'd share the link. With doing so many book reviews constantly I have books flying out of my ears and I thought I'd offer them for 40-50% off the SRP to benefit families so they can build their home libraries (and help my budget some too).
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Advice & Thoughts needed:
Do you have a store on Payvment? I am going around to see what others are doing and trying to get some marketing ideas. If you have one - would you share it in the comments? I'd like to see your store. Thanks!

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If you have a store on Etsy, Artfire or any other "online" store program - how do you do your marketing to get customers? I can't afford to pay out a lot since I'm only working about 15 hours a week - any ideas and suggestions for low budget advertising?

Isn't this darling?
Did any of you sign up for the marketing course on FB? I received a $25 advertising GC from them - but is it worth it to use it? I'm eligible to win another $100 in FREE advertising from them but the amount of people that I refer is astronomical to WIN that extra GC. I just don't want to get a lot of "clicks" and have to pay through the nose for them.


If you have a store on Payvment (through FB) would you share the link to your store in the comments? I'd like to see your store and if you'd like to share some marketing tips that would be awesome too.

Thanks so much!

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