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greenteaDaily - review

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For thousands of years, green tea has been a staple of Asian diet, promoting long life and healthy living. Recent research associates green tea with weight loss and weight control. To reap many of green tea's health benefits including weight loss, one would need to consume large amounts of green tea.

Green Tea Daily uses premium green tea picked at first flush.  At this stage it's rich in antioxidants and fat-burning properties and has the ability to elevate our body's metabolic rate, lower cholesterol levels, promote cardiovascular health, and most importantly, increase our body's immune power. 

By adding high quality fruits such as maqui berry, acai berry and noni to help get rid of free radicals and strengthen our body against diseases and also slow down the aging process and give us young and beautiful skin. To top it off they also add calcium to help strengthen our bones. It's truly a all-around product with the whole body in mind.

My thoughts:
GreenTeaDaily is a wonderful, delicious, tasty drink that helps build up your immunity and help lose weight. There are 5 different flavors of GreenTeaDaily. I've tried the Strawberry Lemonade and when I first added it to my bottled water I actually thought it would be green! But when I first shook it up it was kind of cloudy and then it cleared up more or less. The flavor was intense and delicious. It does have a little aftertaste but it's not bad and I really didn't notice it until I was almost done with the bottle. I'm drinking the creamsicle now and I did notice a little clumping up of the powder - but it still tastes great!

I really like having another option in a drink.that doesn't have any additives like aspartame, fructose, artificial flavorings or colors.  There are a few added sugars, about 130 mg but not as much compared to other brands which have up to 53 grams of sugar. - it didn't have a overly sweet taste and no nasty powder grit on the tongue.

I gave the creamilicious and the chocolate to a friend and she was excited to try those - I'll let you know how she liked them after I hear.

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You can purchase a stash of GreenTeaDaily - with it's little individual packets it's perfect to toss in your purse, lunchbox or desk drawer when you are having a craving for a soda - or just need something to quench your thirst.  (You can check out their website by clicking the pictures)

It's available in the 60 ct boxes (great for weight loss) and smaller boxes (called a sample box of 12). You can also purchase 2 boxes (save $10) or 3 boxes (get a FREE Noni Box) in a set and save a little that way. Check out their website for purchasing information, more reviews and more here.

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