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Women of Faith Recap - 2011

PhotobucketMany of you know that I went to Women of Faith this year. I so needed to go. The last couple of months have been really stressful what with starting a new job and then having trouble with my neighbor, having to go to court as a witness against him and not feeling well with my Fibromyalgia because of all the stress. Luckily I have wonderful doctors who help me and also God was watching out for me. He knew that I needed to go this year for the encouragement and support that would come from this year's theme.

Patsy Clairmont
Patsy Clairmont
This year I received 2 FREE tickets from Booksneeze and Thomas Nelson in a contest for bloggers. The headliners were (for me anyway) Andy Andrews (he's awesome, I would of loved to have met him) and also Patsy Clairmont who recently wrote Stained Glass Hearts which so far has been wonderful and will be reviewed as part of my series on Women of Faith.

This is the first year that I have gone to the Friday day events and I'll be honest I wasn't too sure what to expect. It had been a bad week and I took my meds, pain relief and the TENS unit I use for electric shocks to help with the pain. And do you know, my FB friends and family that were praying me through did a really good job. I felt pretty good all day, very little pain. (Thank heavens)

Andy Andrews
Andy Andrews
I couldn't find anyone to take my extra ticket (???huh???) and so I went alone on Friday. The speakers were wonderful. I really enjoyed Andy Andrews. I'd never heard of him before and neither had any of my neighbors - I ended up buying one of his books and the full set of 6 CD's. He is hilarious! He reminded me a lot of my brother - kind of a maniac (I mean that in a nice way) - obviously ADD - He paced across the stage, walked up and down the stairs, walked down and would talk to the guards by the stage, talk to the people in the first couple of rows, walk back up the stairs onto the stage, paced around a little more and then jumped off the stage (kinda). It was funny and didn't drive me up the wall! I evidentally needed a good laugh.

Andy Andrews has quite a story to share. The son of a pastor he was orphaned of both his parents the same year. His mother through illness and his father through a bad car accident. He ended up living on the streets for several years and God placed another man in his life to help guide him and teach him various principles that he would use as life went by. Andy has taken those principles that Jones taught him and now gives motivational speeches to encourage and build up business employees, schools, individuals, etc. I am really looking forward to listening to his CD's and will be doing a review on those probably this winter after Christmas.

I strongly encourage you to attend a Women of Faith conference at least every couple of years. It is a little expensive but it is a weekend that is a great encouragement and if you have a friend or two or maybe you can go with the ladies at church (and get a group discount) it is so worth it. =D

You can see the schedule of Women of Faith Conferences that takes place in 28 cities - there are 2 events now that take place simultaneously. The Over the Top event and there is also one called Imagine. I'm not really sure what the difference is but I do know that the original women are now split in half and half take one conference and one takes the other. So, I was a little disappointed that I was going to miss out on Luci Swindoll and Sheila Walsh - but it was still good and I think it was just what I need during this period of trial in my life. Also, I got to hear Mandisa who is one of my favorite singers. She reminds me a lot of CeCe Winans although her music is much more POP sounding than CeCe's which is more gospel oriented I think. And of course I wouldn't of wanted to miss out on Andy Andrews.  
The Boy Who Changed the World (Hardcover) 
Stay tuned for reviews on the following in the next few months and into January (probably). All reviews except The Boy Who Changed the World will be on this blog (this book will be on Family Literacy since it's a children's book).
The Boy Who Changed the World (Hardcover) by Andy Andrews
The Noticer (Hardcover) by Andy Andrews
Reclaiming Your Lost Choice by Andy Andrews (6 CD Audio set)
(I think this is the set I purchased)
Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont (this is part of a blog tour I think)
Till next time.... ~ Tina

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