Thursday, July 7, 2011

Need advice... & the outcome!


Hi everyone, I just had my neighbor knock on my front door (at 1:40 am) and tell me he had seen what I was doing through my window. The only place he could see in is my bedroom (the curtains are drawn) or the kitchen and I don't wander around in the kitchen unless I'm doing dishes, cooking, etc. And all I do in the bedroom is change clothes, sleep or occasionally read. When I told him I didn't want to talk to him he started arguing with me, asking me why, etc....

He's just really starting to creep me out. Should I say something to his wife who is a very nice lady? Or, let my other neighbor know? They are part of the Omaha Housing - can I say something to them?

I just heard the window screen in the kitchen move and went and locked all my windows and now I'm to freaked out to go to bed, watch TV, etc.... I'm tempted to call and have the police patrol the neighborhood at night.

Any advice - Thoughts?

The outcome....
I called 911 and all I can say is:

3 cheers for the Omaha Police! 4-5 police officers came in 3 squad cars! I called 911 and they were here in 9 minutes and arrested my neighbor for stalking me! I don't know if that is a more serious charge than trespassing? But he scared me to death - and he seemed like such a nice guy! I just feel so bad for his wife - she's devastated! Crying hard and she told the police that he drinks a lot (he's an functioning alcoholic).

The police arrested him for stalking me (just the one time?) and gave me a Ban and Bar Letter and told me to get a Protection Order so if he comes around again and only sets a toe on my lawn they can arrest him again and make it a felony. I also probably have to go to court and press charges against him.

So, friends.... PLEASE double check all your locks, windows, etc - mine are now closed up and locked tight. I had them open so I could let the fresh air in and turn off the air conditioner - but now it's back on. Please check on your neighbors (especially the elderly and the single women) and make sure they know they can call you if they need help - even at 2 am. I've added links to the Omaha Police Departments website above so you can find out what options you have if you are being stalked (or think you are being stalked).

I just feel so bad for his wife - she works SO HARD to keep that family going and her kids are awesome. She said that she no longer wants to live in this neighborhood. How do I support her and encourage her (she's a very strong Christian lady and I personally look up to her)?

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