Friday, April 22, 2011

Get your mom a "Flirty" Apron for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is May 8th! Don't forget!

(Be sure to type in 20M2011 to get 20% off!)


The Women's Original apron was designed with real women in mind. With 25 different apron's listed on their blog, it's long, thick waist ties and unique apron pattern which allow women to adjust the tie length and bow to meet their specific needs you'll find one for each woman (or mom).  Resulting in REAL WOMEN of every size, not just models, looking beautiful and feeling great.

30 Day Guarantee

Our superior products and excellent designs allow us to give you an absolutely amazing,
30 day satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

Same Day Shipping

Place your order by 2pm EST and we'll ship your apron out the same day.
Flirty Aprons ships domestically and internationally from Utah

Highest Quality Product

Customers love our durable, double-layered Women's Original aprons. They also love our cute,single-layered Women's Marilyn line of aprons which tie in the back.

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