Sunday, April 10, 2011

Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22nd this year and I haven't really been concerned about the effect I've had on the earth and what kind of "footprint" I am leaving until this last year.  Blogging has really opened my eyes.  Seeing other bloggers and their concern for how they clean and keep their homes and how they are teaching their families to do the same has been very interesting.

Last year (or maybe 18 months ago) I started buying the new light bulbs because I overheard someone saying that they last longer.  As much as 5 years or more.  I live in a very old apartment and seem to go through the older lightbulbs constantly.  I think I was changing the ones in the kitchen and the bedroom every 2-3 months (if even that).  They just kept burning out.  So anyway, I bought a 4 pack of the regular sized lightbulbs in the new style and I have been replacing the old ones as soon as they burn out.

One thing I have noticed though in the kitchen is that they don't fit the little light fixture over the sink so for now I haven't put the fixture cover back up.  I've heard that you can get them in a smaller size and eventually I'll get one but for now everyone can see that ugly spiral light bulb in all it's glory! has a wonderful little article to help families teaching their kids 10 Tips for Going Green and a few have caught my eye.  While I don't have kids, I can use the tips as a sort of checklist to make sure I look at all the areas I need to.  Here is my checklist:


I've already started these, but there is definitely more that I can do.  I had already planned on planting some kind of garden.  My apartment is a walk in and my driveway leads straight to the front of my home.  I can use some of that driveway for container gardening.  In the past I've grown beans and sweet peas in 5 gallon buckets and I can do that again.  This side of the house faces West so I get a lot of sun in the AM and quite a lot of shade in the afternoon - so I may need to move my containers out into the sun when I leave in the morning.

I'd love to grow some tomatoes but I'd have to share them with my neighbors.  There's no way I'd eat 'em all.  I'm hungry for some good beefsteak tomatoes.

I'd love to hear what your plans are for "going green" and what you're already doing.


  1. I didn't realize that Earth Day was in April. I'm a bit sad for the Earth lately...with all that radiation floating around due to the Japan earthquake :(

    We recycle A LOT in this house. I am always rinsing out cans that we use, and any tin foil we use. Water bottles. Milk containers. Cereal boxes. Just everything we can, do recycle. Walking instead of driving...can be hard when things are so far away. I do walk to pick up my Kindergartener. It only takes us about 15 minutes to walk there, and then 15 minutes back. Walking is good...and hey, with the price of gas these days, it not only saves the environment, but our bank account, too! Every bit helps:)

    I saw your link on the Not So Moody Monday blog hop. I'm your newest follower! Hope you have an amazing week :)

  2. I love posts like this one. If everyone takes even small step it creates a large impact!
    New follower from Give it to me Monday Blog Hop. My blog is all about being green and eco-friendly. I hope you will stop by!


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