Thursday, February 3, 2011

Breakfast - my favorite meal of the day!

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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It gives our bodies the energy and nutrients it needs after a long night with no food and the hard work of repairing our cells, hurts and keeping our body working in tip top shape.

Why eat breakfast?  Breakfast helps us to:

  • Concentrate and stay alert.
  • Solve problems and remember important information.
  • Be creative and imaginative.
  • Learn (and use) fundamental skills.

A good breakfast involves protein (nuts, meat, peanut butter, yogurt, milk), carbohydrates, a little fat, a fruit.  If you choose a cereal you want to make sure it's whole grain (rolled oats, whole wheat) as the first ingredient, 2 grams or more of fiber per serving (Weight Watches encourages 3 grams) and no more than 250 milligrams of sodium per serving.  Weight Watches also encourages us to eat some fat everyday.  Be sure to include a good quality oil (canola or olive) and also eat some kind of nut butter or other fat to help you feel full longer and satisfied.

Last year I found a wonderful website with a page dedicated to Oatmeal.  Her goal was to eat more of it & to eat more healthfully!  Now, do you think I remember where that page is?  Nope.  (If you know please leave a comment) My friend Ella Johnson sent me a page with lots of lovely yummy pictures of Oatmeal so I'll direct you there.  =D

These two are my favorites from Kath Eats Real Food.  She actually uses ingredients in her Oatmeal like almonds, peanut butter, jelly, banana, fresh berries, frozen berries - I'd heard about all of those.  It's ingredients like spinach blended in that definitely did not catch my interest!  LOL

Blackberry Bran Muffin
Banana Split!  YUM!

Need More Ideas?  How about VISITING the Quaker Oats Gallery?

Apple Berry Crunch?  
 Apples, Strawberries, Cherries, Yogurt and Granola

Cherry Chocolate Crunch?  

Cherries, Chocolate Chips and Almonds

What do you like to have on YOUR oatmeal?
Share your favorite ideas and recipes in the comments below!


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