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Walk-Eat-Lose Program - Will you join me?

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How many of you are already starting to mull over ideas for your New Years Resolutions?  I think the only goal that I'm going to really consider is starting up an exercise plan and working on losing weight.  The last couple of years I've gained so much due to be excessively exhausted all the time & fighting some of the most severe headaches I've ever had.  It turns out my Thyroid had stopped working and my Vitamin D levels were almost non-existant.  While we are still having trouble regulating my Thyroid (I've been prescribed everything from 88 mcg to 150 (currently) mcg of Synthroid) I've noticed a big difference in my tiredness and pain (from Fibromyalgia).

So, I've contacted the Walking Off the Weight program to see about doing a review of the new Walk-Eat-Lose program online.  I'm planning on journaling my progress, sharing tips and ideas that will be beneficial to Fibromyalgia patients - and everyone else too. 

I've done several of the Leslie Sansone videos at home and also have one of their older programs.  It's a 4 DVD program that uses an incline step and 1 # balls with the videos.  It's wonderful.  I really like the idea that it focuses on weight loss through movement and as you lose weight be being more active you tend to start eating better naturally.

On the website:
This is MULTI-MUSCLE walking; not what you do in a typical stroll around the block. We put ALL MUSCLES in MOTION and in many directions. The arms work the upper body, the core muscles fire to get that tummy area slim and the legs move in new directions for MAXIMUM MUSCLE ACTIVATION!

The NEW Walk-Eat-Lose program is a 7 DVD walking program where you can walk at home in your living room, bedroom - where ever you have an area that you can move in.  I've done the 1 and 2 mile walks and I've always been amazed how fast they go by and you really do work up a sweat and work off calories. 

Walk-Eat-Lose is a 21-Day system where you will Walk, Eat, and Lose with Leslie Sansone and the Walk at Home Team!  The package comes with 7 DVDs, 12 miles, and a full week worth of meals - 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 7 dinners.  The first week is focused on Walking off Breakfast.  Our fast 2-Mile Walk will burn off any of the 7 breakfasts Leslie has prepared for you.  The second week is focused on Walking off Lunch with our 3-Mile Super Walk.  The final week is the real challenge: power through our 4-Mile Super Walk to burn off Dinner.  What makes Walk-Eat-Lose different than our other walks?  We added the Body Boost Cables!  These resistance cords wrap around your feet while you grip the handles with your hands to give you a total body workout.  Our Body Boost Cables are a great tool to boost your walk, burn more calories, and Walk It Off.  Here's how you purchase the Walk-Eat-Lose program:   

Would you like to join me in January?
I'm going to set up a Linky where everyone participating can add themselves to it so we can follow and encourage each other and see how you're doing.  Set up a page on your blog where you can journal your experience.  You can keep track of whatever your focus is - exercise, weight loss, eating healthier, etc - and I'd like to ask everyone to be sure to update your journal 1-2 x's a week!

If you are interested in joining me with this accountability group, please click on the Walk At Home link and order your Walk-Eat-Lose program or if you'd prefer to join the Walk at Home Club you can do that instead.  The Walk at Home Club is nice because you can actually work out and do a different workout each day - you just download it on your computer and go.  It's perfect for working at home, the office, travelling - it's really versatile.

Post a comment below and be sure to add your email address so I can set up a newsletter for the group. 

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Let me know your thoughts and ideas....
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