Sunday, November 28, 2010

Charitable Giving with was started by Steven Paletta who won a contest on Oprah's Big Give.  He was given a sizable amount of cash ($1,000,000) and the only condition was that he use it to help someone else.  His solution was to start up an organization called Give Back where individuals such as you and I can start up our own foundations and donate money to the organizations we want to support.  

There is a long list of non-profit organizations for you to choose from.  They are all in good standing with the IRS and there is a handy page for each that shows how many supporters they have and how much has been donated.  

To start your own foundation click here: Give Back.  There are 3 ways to build your foundation:
1. Get $5 today when you create your foundation.
2. Make a donation using your CC and receive a tax deduction.
3. Shop 400+ retailers and earn charitable dollars.

100% of GiveBack donations go to the charities you support.

I chose the National Fibromyalgia Association which is a group dedicated to developing and executing programs to improve the quality of life for people with Fibromyalgia.  Right now, when you sign up you receive $5 with your account to start you off and when it comes time for taxes all of your charitable donations are on one page - just print it and go.

What's your Mission?  

Right now, there is a special opportunity for you when you start up your foundation: 

Each week MISSION Co-Founders Steve Nash & Serena Williams will choose one story and award that Member's foundation $1000.  So, Is there a charity that has extra meaning to you or your family? What are you doing to help change the world?  Start up YOUR foundation today and tell us about it!

Click Here to start your own foundation with
Click Here to see participating merchants.

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