Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vacation plans....

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My friend Susan and I have been thinking about taking a little vacation next summer.  She's thinking Scotland and I'm thinking New Zealand.  She's thinking lighthouses and I'm think Lord of the Rings vista's.  We both love the Ocean and taking our own sweet time travelling - namely a car and a easy schedule at our own pace.

New Zealand is known for it's incredible scenery, extreme sports (love to watch it - forget about doing it), natural phenomena (volcanic regions - including a marine volcano that you can walk through), rainforests with lots of unusual creatures (wonder if there is a hobbit or two or maybe an elf walking around).

How many of you have ever swam with the dolphins?  I'd love to do that and I know Susan would too.  I'd love to take a little day excursion and watch the whales do their thing - although I'm terrified of deep water so I'd have to watch from the center of the boat!  It would be neat to spend the day walking along the boardwalk and do the art & craft festivals too.  (I'd go with an empty suitcase and fill it up while I was there - can't forget to pick up a couple of sweatshirts either)

To fill in Susan's yen for lighthouses we would have to make sure to visit a couple while we're there.  Since it's an island it shouldn't be to hard to find a few.  How about this one?

Isn't it gorgeous?
Castlepoint Lighthouse in Wairarapa, New Zealand can be very colorful at the end of some days when a sunset adorns the horizon. Pink, purple, yellow and orange hues span across the surface of the water as the sun sinks away for the day.

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