Saturday, October 23, 2010

Looking for a post...

Hi everyone - I was blog hoppin' some today and am looking for a post titled like:

The Best and Worst of Survey sites  

Who has this post?  Have you seen it? I'd like to return and read it.
Email me if it's you or you know where it's at or you can leave a comment.
A friend on facebook and I were discussing trying to get the FREE UGG's that are being given away right now.   I went to the site and guess what?  They want you to sign up for a lot of offers (at least 2) - you know, 2 silver offers and 2 gold offers.  Oh, and they want your cell number too.  We both were talking about how we HATE those kinds of surveys and offers.  It's not really FREE - you have to use a CC or sign up for something or take all kinds of time out of your busy day to get those "FREE" items!

What really gets me with these sites is that even if you indicate that you are not interested in something, those sponsors still call you (I'm talking about Phoenix School and a few others).  

Do you enter these kinds of surveys or try for FREE items like this?  How do you make extra $ online and yet not sell away your hard earned money?  Thoughts?  Will you share?

Thanks!  Tina "The Book Lady"

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