Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 70

I've enjoyed using the Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 70 the last couple of weeks. I really liked how light it is, my skin doesn't feel greasy or "caked". 

It's available in the SPF 55, 70 & 85 and I just noticed that there is also a 100 SPF and they all contain Helioplex® technology, the latest breakthrough in UV protection. 

Helioplex® delivers unbeatable UVA protection. It works better to help prevent damaging UVA rays from penetrating deep under skin's surface. Dry-Touch technology absorbs excess sunscreen oils, leaving a clean, lightweight, non-shiny finish. 

Summer here in Nebraska is so humid and today the air was so heavy it was hard to breathe. 94 degrees (in the shade) and as soon as you walked outside it felt like you were hitting a wall of moisture. I was really glad I was wearing this sunblock. I didn't have to worry about forgetting to put it on again especially since I wasn't wearing a foundation with any kind of SPF.  

This would be a good addition to stick in your purse or makeup bag when you go on vacation. If you have the higher SPF you shouldn't need to wear a foundation over it, unless you really want to. It would even be good to give to your middle schooler or teen to keep in their purse or locker if they are allowed to take it to school. 

While we are on this subject, be sure to go to the Neutrogena website and take a look around.  I was really impressed with the sheer volume of information, research, and I really liked the Welcome to My Neutrogena page.  You will find a couple of tools that I thought were great.  There is the Facial Care Evaluation, where you can get YOUR prescription for healthy looking skin.  There is also an evaluation for cosmetic care but since I rarely wear it I didn't do that one. 

I was then given suggestions as to what kind of face care products I should use and also based on my skin tone (and that I prefer a natural look) they suggested the foundation, lip sheers, mascara that I should use. 

Be sure to check out the website and let me know what YOUR experience has been with Neutrogena products.  I'd love to hear (especially if you have very sensitive skin). 

** If anyone knows why I'm getting those funny orange lines in between each paragraph I'd love to know how to fix it!

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  1. Hi, I have 'very' sensitive skin, I seem to react to virtually anything! I'm rather wary of products I've not tried & I haven't tried this one. Did it have any fragrance at all, I've tended to find that fragranced products don't go well with sensitive skin.

    A great review though, not sure if this has arrived here in the uk or not


  2. Thanks for the blurb about my blog about my linky list. I appreciate that. I am glad you can use it. It took me a while to build it up and it is nice that you are willing to link it back to me. Thanks again! Oh, I am now following you too :)


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