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Unwrapping The Names of Jesus Advent Devotional & Giveaway

One of my fondest Christmas memories as a kid was Christmas Eve. We always had a nice dinner, opened presents and played games on Christmas Eve and always before we opened presents the tradition was to have the youngest reading child read Luke 2:1-14. To be honest I think the youngest child was because they were the ones that were more antsy and difficult about anything except opening presents.

Advent was never part of our church traditions. I grew up in a church that mostly just did the Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve and I can only think of one time I ever went to that. When I moved to Omaha I started hearing about Advent and until I read this book I never really knew what it was. When I was offered a chance to review this book I snapped it up. =D

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus
by Asheritah Ciuciu
ISBN: 978-1519165749
$8.99 (paperback)
$4.99 (ebook)

The Advent Family Devotional :Unwrapping the Names of Jesus" is a very interesting, easy to read, family friendly Advent Study of several of the Names of Jesus. Asheritah will teach you HOW to Prepare to Celebrate Jesus throughout the Christmas Season and open your hearts for worshiping Him by building up and encouraging you in your study of the Names of Jesus. Really this study could be done any time of the year but I think working on it throughout the Advent Season makes it more personal due to our love for anything Christmas.

This particular study is 4 weeks long beginning the 4th Sunday before Christmas and ending on Christmas Eve. You'll start each week with a Family Advent Celebration on Sunday, Monday through Friday you will learn about the names of Jesus which include scriptural challenges as well as prayer and additional verses to study that weeks name further. You'll end the week by learning to apply the week's lesson with a family activity.

My thoughts: This book is not meant for younger kids in my opinion BUT it can easily be tweaked to include them. You could add a craft for the Family Celebration on Sunday & cut out the Activities in the "In Action" section at the end of each weeks lesson. Let them take turns drawing out an activity each week or if it's short - one kid could draw it on Sunday and one kid could on Thursday. You could also plan a simple craft for the littlest kids in the family to help them learn about Jesus. Focus on the manger and learn a song or fingerplay together. You can find many little songs & poems at Kididdles for all kinds of themes & categories including Christmas (just don't bother registering for the site as that feature doesn't work). This of course is totally optional and depends on how much you want to include those little guys and how much you want to get into it – I'm totally into having an “I'm bored” project to avoid whiny kids!**

One of the things I really like about this devotional is that the author emphasizes that there is No Right or Wrong way to do this devotional. God isn't keeping score and He isn't going to skip your house if you don't work on it every day. The focus is to help you prepare your hearts, gain a greater awe and wonder at who Jesus is and help you adore him in a more meaningful way. As I read through the book it was obvious that this book was written with a strong foundation of prayer and steeped in the Word of God.

Week 1's theme is HOPE (Jesus, His Resurrection & Life, King, Light of the World & Christ & Messiah) The week ends with Hope in Action – where your family picks an activity (fun filled or service oriented) to be done as a family or alone.
Week 2's theme is  Preparation (Word of God, Truth, Lion of Judah, Holy One of God, Lord of Lords) & Preparation in Action
Week 3's theme is Joy (Great High Priest, Alpha & Omega, True Vine, Prince of Peace, Bread of Life) & a Joy in Action
Week 4's theme is Love (Good Shepherd, Immanuel, Son of Man, Man of Sorrows, Lamb of God) & Love in Action
Christmas Eve: Your family will join together in Adoration of WHO Jesus is to complete your preparation for the Day of Our Saviors Birth.

The author's website includes a number of resources for you. There are printables, a list of books, studies, short video devotionals, Scriptural art & online community groups to help you continue to build a closer walk with Jesus after the Holiday season is over. You can upload family pictures of the activities & Advent gatherings that you participate in as a family @ #UnwrappingJesus or you can join her on her facebook page

Would you like to WIN a copy for yourself?
WIN a Paperback copy of this wonderful book that will become a yearly tradition in your family! Ashiratah Ciuciu will personally autograph it and send a copy your way if you are our winner. As always I do require everyone who participates in the giveaway to leave their full address, phone # & email on giveaway entry #1 – this information is only seen by me if your name is drawn and then I will forward it on to the author for shipping. Neither of us will spam you or sell your personal information. If this information is not left another winner will be drawn. Thanks for understanding!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this book, Tina! Glad you enjoyed it and I'm excited for one of your readers to win it! :)

  2. A favorite tradition surrounds Christmas Eve. Our whole family goes to church together, then we drive around the neighborhood to see all the Christmas lights, and return home for hot chocolate!

  3. Our family bakes cookies to giveaway to church and neighbors. My kids BEG to start "early" each year and look forward to all the baking!

  4. We always have bacon and cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas morning.

  5. Every year our immediate family gets together on Christmas Eve for dinner and we exchange presents and my mom gives everyone their special Christmas pajamas.

  6. Going to church with the whole family on Christmas Eve.

  7. we love to drive around and look at the lights

  8. Wow - you guys l have such fun traditions!!!

  9. W go to midnight mass then to dennys for breakfast


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