Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bible Based Preschool Curriculum through Play ~ for Toddlers!

This year Gianna is turning 2 on December 5th and I've finally made a decision on our pre-pre K activities. =D I've found a wonderful bible based curriculum that starts at age 2. She has been showing me that she is ready to start Tot School and begin learning in a more "formal" way. What do I mean? Let me explain.

Gianna (Gigi) has been growing in so many ways. I've seen a huge change in her speech in the last couple of weeks - she not only is repeating everything we say but we can ask her to do simple things, bring us things located at ____, or indicate to us that she wants water, "yo-yurt", mama or dada. She calls kitty "Meow" and is more and more using words instead of sign to communicate with us. Her latest big word is "oie oie oie oooooo's". (Anyone know what she is saying?)

Otherways we've noticed her growth:
1) She LOVES the slide! to the point she scares me & I have to get a big kid over 7 to help her sit on their lap and ride down.
2) She is beginning to love to SWING - and often has a great big smile!
3) She loves to look at her ABC book and using her finger trace the cutout letter in the correct way.
4) She uses her pointer finger to count the birds (etc).
5) She is very outgoing - loves bounce houses, Meow's, doggies (or woof woof),
6) She walks around the house and points at things for us to tell her the word & then she repeats it.
Little Tikes Cozy Coupe7) When I tell her to do something she will turn to that thing (the book, the door, the bedroom to change her, the POTTY ).
8) When I go to put ponytails in the 4 year olds hair she will go and pick out the colors she wants, wait till M is done and then place herself in the right position and she won't move till I put something in her hair! (ponytails, headband, ribbon, whatever)
9) She loves riding her trike (she still scoots on it) or that little tikes car.
10) She loves babies!
11) Favorite videos: anything Elmo, Pottytraining, Praise Baby, Treeschoolers.
12) She's not scared of anything - except a stranger & the chiropractor! (if your a chiropractor step out of the room or you'll be deaf sooner than later!)
Gosh, I could continue the list.

Mostly what has made me decide to start Tot School at 21 months is that she WANTS to read, color, paint, count, try to write, do Fine Motor and Large Motor activities. She has a long enough attention span to listen to a couple pages of a Magic Treehouse book and watch a 1/2 hour toddler video.

I have found a WONDERFUL online preschool curriculum called ABC Jesus Loves Me. All 4 years of the program are FREE unless you want to purchase the curriculum. There are a few added benefits to actually buying the curriculum - but if you can't afford it, want to try it out for a year or want to wait till your child is 3-4 to purchase a curriculum this is the way to go.

ABC Jesus Loves Me Banner

What is provided: I haven't looked at anything but the 2 year old curriculum at this point so that is what I will share with you.
- Bible Story & Verse of the Week/Month, Verses are put to music and flashcards are available to print FREE
- Book of the Week & Activities
- Number, Letter, Colors & Shapes (an introduction to learning about them)
- Songs & Fingerplays
- Self-Care & Manners (I love this!)

I personally will be doing mostly sensory type, crafts, books and activities to go with them. I love the idea of the verses put to music as Gianna is VERY musical. We will continue to sing our ABC's and 123's. I'm also planning on scattering this throughout the week. Likely we'll be doing the crafts & book activities in the afternoon so M can join us when she gets home from preschool. Lastly, I really like that she has a chart to keep track of how Gianna is progressing.

Stay tuned as I share some of our activities and how much we are enjoying this.

I am not an affiliate & I haven't been approached to do a review for the program. I'm sharing this because I'm impressed with the curriculum and I really like the online assistance I can get from the FB pages and the author herself.


  1. Such a sweet age! I did a preschool curriculum of sorts with my older two. By the time my younger two were preschoolers I was too busy with the older kids to do anything formal. But it was so fun with the older ones!

    1. I can only imagine. I know a lot of homeschooling moms use it to keep their littelest busy while working w their older kiddos. I cant imaging doing that - much actually homeschooling the HARD stuff!

  2. aww :) thanks for this. I am working with my kids this year for preschool so I always appreciate resources and seeing what other kids are learning during the age as well. By, the way, the blog background is amazing!
    -Thanks for visiting the FrugalMommas link up party this past Friday

  3. Thank you! I think its a cutestblogontheblock.com background. It should say at the top left corner of the blog. Her designs are sooooo easy to use and crisp and beautiful :)


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