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Achoo! Why Pollen Counts

Arbordale Publishing could easily be added to our Brain Boosting books series of books for kiddos age 4-8'ish. The books are bright, eye catching, very detailed for the kids and there are oodles of teacher's helps on the website in their Creative Minds, Teaching Activities & Reading & Math quizzes. To see other books they have available go to their website, click on "Store" and then on the right sidebar there is a list of available resources as well as a preview for each book. You can purchase the book directly from Arbordale by clicking on the title of the book or on Amazon by clicking on the type of the book.


How many of you have allergies or have kids with allergies? This is a fun book filled with cute animals that live off pollen and a couple of them get the sneezes from it! Read on:

By Shennen Bersani
ISBN: 9781628555509
$11.05 (hardcover)
$ 9.95 (paperback)
$ 9.95 (kindle)
Spanish paperback & Creative Minds activities available on the website HERE

About the book:
Spring has arrived and pollen is in the air. Baby Bear does not like the pollen – it sticks to his fur and makes him itchy and sneezy. He's allergic! Achoo! He just wishes the pollen were gone. When his friends gather to tell him why they need pollen, Baby Bear learns that pollen is good for the forest and provides food for many animals, including him! Pollen might be something we all love to hate, but can we really live without it? This story explains why we need it.

My thoughts:
In Achoo! Your children learn about various animals and insects that eat/drink pollen throughout the four seasons. Your kids will meet Valerie Vole, Sandy Spiderling, Zoe Zebra Butterfly, Honey Bee, Lili Ladybug & Sammy Snow Owl. My kids pour over these books looking at the pictures and making up stories about the scenes that they are looking at & asking questions about the information they are looking at.

The pictures in this story really make the story - they are eye catching, draw kids (and adults into the story) and I found my kids studying the pictures to get clues about the story. The basic idea for the story is a little bear who is allergic to Pollen. I have a 4 1/2 year old who has severe allergies and so she connected right to the story. Connor (7 1/2) loved looking at the various animals and insects in the story and all of us learned something new about the role of pollen in the wild. I knew about bees & hummingbirds of course but never realized that pollen is used year round and that spiders drink it & I didn't realize that bees make a honeybread to feed their young. View the ebook

Details: Age 4-8, 32 pages, available in English/Spanish & ebook/auto-flip pages w/ audio formats. Reading Level Aligned: Accelerated reader: 3.3, Flesch-Kincaid: 3.2, Lexile: 670L, Fountas & Pinnell: N

For Creative Minds: After helping Baby Bear learn more about pollen, children can dive into the For Creative Minds section with activities that include: Ah-Achoo! Understanding Allergies, The Pollination Process & Bees: The Great Pollinators. Awards: Gold Mom's Choice Award, Gold President's Book Award

About the author: Shennen Bersani is an award-winning children's book illustrator & Achoo! Why Pollen Counts is her first book as an author. She has illustrated several books for Arbordale like Shark Baby: Home in the Cave & The Glaciers are Melting!. For more information, visit her website at

Disclaimer: I received this book from Arbordale Publishing in exchange for my honest review. Regardless I only recommend products or services I have personally read or used & think my readers will enjoy.

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