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The Extraordinary Art of Couponing

The Extraordinary Art of Couponing
by Nicole McDonald
ISBN: 9781490409832
$8.99 (paperback)
$3.99 (kindle)

About the book:
What if you could save 50% or more off every grocery bill and even shop for FREE? The Extraordinary Art of Couponing is a step-by-step guide to couponing without being extreme. It will jumpstart your journey to save hundreds of dollars every month! You'll learn:
  • How to save time clipping and organizing coupons
  • Easy ways to plan a trip using coupons to get rock-bottom prices
  • Where to find the best coupons
  • Tips for meal planning and delicious recipes
  • Why responsible stockpiling is important
  • Secrets of advanced couponing
My thoughts:
Back in October I had the opportunity to take a class on Basic Couponing by Nicole McDonald. I was very interested and excited to meet a fellow blogger and to find out it was one of the couponing guru's was neat too. Nicole basically taught us about the different ways you can use coupons, how to read them and how to read the fine print. She also covered stock piling and also how to organize the coupons so you can find them.

Nicole has written a book that covers the same themes but also includes things like: Meal Planning to Save Money, The Art of Drugstore Shopping (Walmart & CVS) and how to Shop for Free, Where to Find Coupons (online and off line), how to Save Big on Eating Out, Entertainment and Household Items and the most important: Getting Organized (or how to keep track of all your coupons and use them before they expire). Coupon stacking and Reward Programs are explained as well.

The Extraordinary Art of Couponing also includes recipes for things like: Crock Pot Split Pea Soup with Ham (doesn't that sound good?), Homemade Cinnamon and Fruit Instant Oatmeal (prepackage for your kids to use in the morning!) and No Bake Energy Bites. She also includes tips for Food Preservation so you don't waste as much food.

I really enjoyed Nicole's book. It was very easy to read and she has a way of writing that makes you feel like she is right there. What I really like about it is that she isn't teaching you to coupon to the extreme but to coupon in moderation. You won't be learning to stockpile entire rooms and barns full of "stuff" - this is so you can provide for your family and save a little money for the future.

About the author:
Nicole McDonald is a Navy veteran and holds a Master's of Business Administration in Marketing. She teaches Couponing, Advanced Couponing, Freebies, Successful Meal Planning and Frugal Fun with Kids at Omaha area community colleges, public libraries, businesses and group meetings. She is passionate about helping others save money and blogs about deals, freebies and coupons at:

Nicole is offering a copy of her book: The Extraordinary Art of Couponing to one of GivingNSharing readers. It would make a great book to give for Birthday, Hostess and even Stocking Stuffer type gifts.

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Disclaimer: I was offered a copy of the book to read and review on GivingNSharing in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to have a positive review and no money exchanged hands. GivingNSharing is not responsible for prize distribution.

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