Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Take Time to Nuture Your Soul ~ Nurture by Participating

Take Time to Nuture Your Soul / Take Time to Enjoy a Tea Moment.

Libre Tea Mugs ~ a wonderful Tea Tradition!
I've been using Libre Tea Mugs for about 2 years now and I love how I can have a soothing cup of tea with either Loose Tea or by using my favorite Green Tea from Celestial Seasonings: White Tea with just a hint of raspberry in it. Green Teas provide important Antioxidants, Vitamin C and in the case of my favorite Green Tea a little caffeine. (yeah yeah, I'm hooked)

Libre Tea Mugs make interesting gifts for those in your family that like a good cup of Tea anytime during the day. They all have lids, handles and and an infuser so you can make your favorite Loose Tea with ease and enjoy it too. 

There are actually 3 different types that you can purchase - there is the 10 oz Travel Mug like I have as well as the 9 oz and the 14 oz Travel Tea Infusers. Each mug has a glass interior to keep your tea HOT and a durable polycarbonate exterior so you can carry it without burning yourself. The infuser is a separate stainless steel tea filter which is surrounded by BPA-free polypropylene. You can use the filter in two ways: put the tea in the glass itself and then drink through the filter or you can put the tea on top of the twit off filter and remove it before drinking. There is a THIRD way of drinking your tea - I personally use Celestial Seasonings which comes with the tea in B-A-G (shhh - don't tell the tea purist reading over your shoulder...)

Nurture by participating.... 

You could WIN an AWESOME Gift Set
which includes a Libre Tea Mug, some delicious tea and 1 or 2
wonderful books (I'm waiting to hear from the author's I've invited)

This giveaway starts 11/20 and ends 11/30 @ Midnight. US residents only.
**Full Contact Information must be provided as the mandatory entry**
email address or name/phone only will not be accepted!
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  1. Thankful for life and for family and friends and God.

  2. i am thankful for my college education (that i haven't yet completed!)

  3. Today I'm thankful for Pinterest and learning now to adjust the thread on my bobbin after our toddler fools with it. Finished his Gobble til you Wobble bandana bib and cloth diaper with tail before festivities begin <3

  4. Today I'm thankful for the Lord and all of the blessings he has given my life, even when I didn't deserve it <3

  5. Thankful for friends that are as family to celebrate Thanksgiving here in Nashville.
    Since moving here the amount of Hot Tea we drink has whipped our budget! These look amazing and would love to give it to my daughter. :)

  6. Thankful for opportunities like this to win something I've always wanted to try when we can't afford to buy it!


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