Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome to GivingNSharing

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by GivingNSharing! I am at the library right now trying to type up a quick post and add the links to weekend hops I'll be participating in as I have time. Click on the button if you want to join in - leave a comment if you follow GivingNSharing and I'll follow you back. =D

I do have a little question for you.... Does anyone have any tips on how to get blogger to allow typing on the compose screen? I'm using the library's computers while mine is being rebuilt and can only type on the html screen. Help! I cant fix any of the spacing or anything. It's driving me nuts!

So I am also looking for a new tablet that allows for typing blogs, doing research for my inhome daycare and general use for games, FB and twitter. What do you all have and any suggestions on something I can purchase for around $250?

xoxo Rebecca

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