Saturday, April 20, 2013

Her Restless Heart ~ Online Bible Study Invitation

You are invited to join me with an informal online Bible study hosted at Facebook beginning April 22nd through May 27th. This Bible Study will be based on the book "Her Restless Heart" by Barbara Cameron.

About the book:
Her Restless Heart is the second study in the Faith and Fiction Bible study series that uses Christian fiction as a backdrop for exploring biblical themes. Just as Jesus used stories (parables) to teach important principles, inspirational fiction can open readers to greater understanding of themselves and spiritual themes.

Based on a novel of the same name by acclaimed Christian fiction author Barbara Cameron, this six-session Bible study explores the heart’s longing for love and acceptance and the Bible’s answer to this universal human need. The Participant Book has five daily readings per week, each including Scripture, reflections on the day’s topic with questions and space for writing responses, prayer, and a suggestion for the day—a question to ponder, Scripture to consider, or action to take.

About the online Bible Study:

This online study offers women a chance to find peace among a life of restlessness, dissatisfaction, and heartbreak. We will use the fiction story of a young Amish woman caught between two worlds as our vehicle for studying God's word. We will journey together as we seek to satisfy our own restlessness with God's love, acceptance, and peace.

There is no "homework" for this abbreviated Bible study and reading the novel is not required. Just stop by and interact with Abingdon Women and the author each week during the course of the study (April 22nd through May 27th). It's a great chance to find a bit of refreshment and encouragement for your restless heart.

Each week a video clip will be posted along with reflection questions.  This allows you to watch some of the video clips that accompany the study (but only if you're interested).  This abbreviated and informal online women's study is open to all!  Join us if you'd like and feel free to invite your friends:

Order here:

Book  $11.69 or Kindle for .99!   *    Bible Study @ $11.69
(note - these are sale prices - order now so you don't spend more)

Disclaimer: I was offered a copy of Her Restless Heart to read and review. I was not required to write a positive review and no money exchanged hands. Thanks for reading!


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