Thursday, December 6, 2012

RejuvaSea - Complete Skin Nutrition System

I recently entered to WIN a set of RejuvaSea - the Complete Skin Nutrition System & got it! I was really interested in a new skincare system that is gentle enough for people with very sensitive skin, provides skin nutrition for us older "middle-aged" gals who need that little extra "oomph" to pamper our drying skin. As a red head my skin is very sensitive to chemicals, the sun, the wind and fragrances. In fact, it's so sensitive that most things just cause me to scratch and itch and it's often blotchy, red and tender from dryness and the environment in general.

RejuvaSea is created from microscopic plants called RéjuvaPlankton which is  found floating in the ocean. These plants assist with the production of collagen, supports the metabolism of mitochondria (gives cells energy), inhibits the secretion of melanin (overproduction can cause blotchy & uneven skin). RejuvaSea helps your skin have an even tone, suppleness and healthy glow. Check out the articles below if you'd like to read more. My Thoughts:
RejuvaSea has been very helpful to my skin as the seasons change, the air becomes more dry and I find that using RejuvaSea has helped my skin regain much of the moisture and the youthful glow I used to have as well as even out my skin tone and get rid of the blotchyness I get from being outside with the kids every day. I really can't wait to see how my skin looks in a couple of months when the weather gets worse and with the cold and dryness my skin starts to become more sensitive and painful. I've even had some comments about how good my skin looks and even my hands have gotten a little softer from using the product everyday to put it on my face.

"It's a great product. I particularly like the exfoliating cleanser. My skin feels a lot firmer and fresh. RéjuvaSea has made my skin have more of a glow and my skin tone is more even." -Julie L.

I received the following products in my Complete Skin Nutrition System:

Exfoliating Cleanser - A gentle yet invigorating Exfoliant Cleanser with smooth round beads that will banish dead skin cells and stimulates cell turnover, revealing your most radiant skin.
Firming Serum - The Firming Serum delivers anti-aging benefits such as improved skin clarity, increased firmness, more even skin tone, reduced fine lines, and the prevention of future ones.
2-Minute Eye lift - Perfect for mornings where you missed your beauty sleep, or just need a little pick me up, our refreshing 2-Minute Eye Lift will instantly brighten and smooth under your eyes.
You can purchase each of the different items above or you can purchase it as a kit. Right now the Complete System is on SALE for $39 or you can purchase each piece individually. If you have teens or a friend you think would benefit from the RejuvaSea Skin Nutrition System I would consider giving it as a stocking stuffer. They will love it! You can also click on the banner to the right, pay $7.95 and try it for a 30 day period. If you like it they will charge your CC $39 - (click banner for more details)

I'd really like to see a line of haircare (shampoo & conditioner) and foot products - my feet get extremely painful and tender as the season gets colder. I'm sure the same RéjuvaPlankton would be helpful in these areas as well.

More information:
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Disclaimer: I received a set of RejuvaSea the Complete Skin Nutrition System from RejuvaSea and decided to share my thoughts on GivingNSharing. I was not required to write a positive review and no money exchanged hands.

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