Friday, November 2, 2012

Shapely Girl Fitness ~ Final Thoughts

Well, it's hard to believe the final post is here and time has just gone so fast! I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to after hurting my back and then getting sick for nearly 2 weeks.

I actually signed up for the ShapelyGirl Fitness Crew to give myself some accountability and because I loved the idea of a group of women all in more or less the same boat with the same goals getting together and encouraging each other on a weekly or even a daily basis. I was approached with the idea of joining a group of women and committing to spending 1 full month using the ShapelyGirl Fitness DVD's to exercise and hopefully lose some weight. I wasn't sure really what to expect but was thrilled to see a Walk Fit DVD.

Shapely Girl with Debra MazdaWhat was unexpected was the connection I grew to count on with the Crew and also the connection I felt with Debra Mazda and the girls on the DVD. The Walk Fit and Fabulous DVD is made up of a "beginners" walk, 4 mini workouts, a regular workout and a Round Table type discussion about shapely women and their feelings, why they ended up the way they are and what they can do about it. The discussions are an integral part of the DVD and personally I would love to see more of these on the video. Maybe 2-3 of them on each DVD - you could do one of them a week or something. Or better yet, perhaps have a Round Table discussion on the website in the forums area on a weekly basis. That would be a huge hit!

Debra Mazda has set up several programs designed to help women of all shapes and sizes to lose weight and get in shape with DVD's. Many women are uncomfortable with going to the gym - most like me don't know how to use the equipment and frankly I just don't have the money to buy a membership.She has recorded 4 DVD's: Walking Fit and Fabulous! DVDLet's Get Stepping! DVDLet's Get Moving! DVDLet's Get Moving! 2, Cardio Toning with Weights DVD, (all are $14.95 each) and you can also get Let's Get Moving! + Let's Get Moving! 2, Cardio Toning with Weights DVDs as a 2 DVD set for $23.95.

Her website & the forums are designed as a friendly place for Shapely Women of all sizes can go and find encouragement, recipes, new friends and more. You can also contact her online @ 

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Disclosure: I received a copy of Walk Fit and Fabulous to use and review on GivingNSharing. I was not required to write a positive review and no money exchanged hands. This event was sponsored by the CWA Review Crew.


  1. Great info. I need to lose some weight. I lost the baby weight quickly after each kid but it's the weight I gained snacking with them as toddlers that's really been the death of me!

  2. Thanks for sharing such a great product. Wonderful review. I will have to try and check it out.


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