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Imprint Mats ~ Review

Imprint Mats  ~ Blog Review

Lately for the last couple of years it has been more and more difficult for me to do anything on a hard surface and since I live in a basement walk-out apartment that is my entire apartment. The floors are concrete with carpet or hideous linoleum and hard as a rock. As you all know I have Fibromyalgia and one of the effects of this illness that is becoming more and more noticeable is that I'm having issues with standing for any length of time before I end up hunched and leaning on the counter just to wash a sink full of dishes. I've learned to wash a few things and then go sit down. I am so tired of constantly having to do dishes!

Anyway, I was contacted about 3-4 weeks ago by a company called Imprint Mats. They manufacture the most wonderful Anti-Fatique Mat that are supportive for the feet, back and shoulders. There are several things that caught my attention as I started to research the company:

Imprint Comfort Mats is the ONLY mat University tested by the Center for Ergonomics and proven to significantly reduce overall fatigue and discomfort – by up to 60%!
  1. individuals experienced a 56% reduction in overall fatigue
  2. lower leg fatigue was reduced by 63%
  3. and back pain was reduced by 51% compared to standing on the floor.
I have always been told that when I am interested in a company that makes health or medical claims about their products to seek out their research and who has conducted their research. Imprint Mats has used independent qualitative and quantitative studies (meaning they don't do their own research) through a major University School of Ergonomics (2010) and has the research to back up their claims. They have proven that they are Consumer Proffered, University Tested and Environmentally Friendly.

My Thoughts:
I'm not sure how I have managed to get much done in the kitchen for the last several years. As my pain has increased I have stopped cooking (and I wanted to be a chef at one point), dishes pile up when I do cook and I find it harder to get basic everyday tasks finished.

I received the Nantucket Cinnamon Imprint Mat and have noticed that now my pain is almost non-existent (at least while I'm on the mat). What I do have still is a dull hardly noticeable ache in my hips as well as in my lower back when I'm tired. I can't tell you want a huge difference this is! 

I'd love to have one of these in my bathroom as well. And I may need to eventually invest in one for my literacy booths - I think all the other crafters & vendors would be a bit jealous. I do find that lately my pain hasn't been near as intense & I can't tell you how much I love that.

Imprint Mats come in several styles. There are two kinds for home use and a commercial version. Most come in at least 3 colors and 2-3 designs. They are heavy, very sturdy and actually are really hard to the touch - but wonderfully supportive and cushioned my feet and lower back beautifully.

You may feel that they are expensive but take it from someone who originally thought so as well - they are well worth the money. They have a 7-10 year warranty (under normal conditions) for defects in workmanship and material (depending on the mat chosen). They are made to be durable in a high traffic home. They are also easy to clean, decor friendly and very comfortable.

Purchase It:
You can purchase one Online at ImprintMats.com, at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon to name a few places. 

“I honestly wish I could cover my entire floor with it! And when you add in the much lower price (40% cheaper than the Gel Pro) and the insanely better warranty (seven years compared to only one for the Gel Pro), it's really a no-brainer.” - SCF NJ

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Disclaimer: I was offered a mat to use and review on GivingNSharing by ImprintMats. I was not required to have a positive review and no money exchanged hands.


  1. They really helped with the pain in the legs? I have SLE and my legs bear the brunt of it, being a concrete for a long time (like a work day) & my legs get bad. I would be interested for sure. :)

  2. Found you on the Bloggy Mom's Blog Hop, feel free to check me out at http://moneymastermom.com if you want. I would love one of these mats, but I'm afraid my kids would trip on it. Does it roll up?

  3. I have never used a mat like this, but I could see how it could help drastically! They say staying on hard surfaces for long periods of time can hurt your knees and stuff and this would help eliminate that. My mother lives with me and has bad knee problems. She does a lot of work in the kitchen and this would be ideal for her!

  4. My feet and legs always hurt when I stand on our hardwood floor in the kitchen too long. I would love to try this.

  5. I'd love to get one of these. I have some back problems and I think these would really help out.

  6. I've always wondered how well this would work. Thank you for your review!

    So glad you could link up at this week’s Harvest of Friends Weekend Blog Hop!

    I also added my Kmart gift card giveaway to your linky party! Thanks a bunch! :-)

  7. Oh this sounds so wonderful with my back problems! I have never tried anything like this, but it sounds wonderful!
    Laura Jacobson

  8. I would love to have one for my sewing area! The floor is thin, commercial carpet glued directly on concrete so it is hard! It would be wonderful to have one in the kitchen too. My hips and back would love that!

  9. Hi! I would love to have one of these for my kitchen, and also my bathroom to put in front of my vanity! It would make putting on makeup and fixing my hair a whole lot more comfortable!

  10. Great product,I have spider veins in my legs and they start to ache after too long.

  11. i didnt even know they made mats like this what a luxury for sore feet

  12. i have RLS and this mat would make things alot easier when i am on my feet

  13. I have fibromyalgia, 2 partial knee replacements, needing a full knee replacement, which results in a lot of pain when I stand. These mats sound wonderful and a 7-10 year warranty is awesome.

  14. I have suffered from knee pain this past year. This mat would be ideal for me to use on the concrete floor in my utility room.

  15. My daughter has alot of problems with her feet. She also is prone to heel spurs. I think this might be something that could help her.


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