Friday, September 14, 2012

NatureBox ~ a great gift idea!

The NatureBox Mission:
Eat healthier without changing eating habits
Wholesome Ingredients - Minimal Processing
Affordable, Risk Free & Shipping is FREE too!
For every box shipped out - a child in America is fed a meal

Did you know Americans get 25% of their calories from snacks? (Amazing!)  NatureBox has made it their mission to introduce us to Snacks that are healthy, nutritious, minimally processed and of course, tasty.

From the website:  " NatureBox ( is a monthly subscription service for healthy snack food. Customers receive a box of all natural, delicious snacks every month for just $20. A typical box includes 4-6 different types of foods and 15-20 servings of food. Each box is curated and approved by our in house nutritionists. NatureBox is a great value for moms who want to feed their kids healthier snacks or professionals who want to avoid the vending machine. "
A couple weeks ago I received a box of treats from NatureBox filled with treats. They were treats I personally wouldn't pick up at the store unless I had already tried them so it was nice to have the opportunity to try them first hand. 

The kids I watch and I broke open the box and enjoyed them while we sat around playing games and having fun. They were very impressed with the snacks and Jake loved the dried Mango! Sierra (age 3) loved the Far East Rick Crackers.

My box contained 5 bags of treats:
1) Bombay Curried Cashews ~ Escape to India and invigorate your senses with smoky curried cashews.

2) Dried Fancy Figs ~ a dessert plate staple in the Middle East and on the dazzling coast of the Adriatic Sea. These are HUGE (at least a good 4-5" long) and very moist. I'm not real fond of figs (unless you count Fig Newtons) and if anyone has any good recipes on how to use these I'd love to hear them. Do you have a great Fig Newtons recipe you could send me?

3) Far East Rice Crackers ~ my 3 year old LOVES these! I had to cut them off after a bit. I thought they had a smoky, soy type taste. They reminded me a lot of the original chex mix recipe with worchestershire type sauce in it. 

4) Mexicana Mango - Jake (age 9) was the only one that really liked these (he'll eat anything). They were huge and I cut them up into pieces so he thought he was getting more (does that make sense?).

5) Maui Onion Crunch - These reminded me a lot of Chips with Onion Dip on them. 

Dietary Needs Alert:
Note: At this time, NatureBox is unable to customize their boxes for dietary needs. I'm dairy, whey and soy sensitive and was able to tolerate everything so that was a HUGE bonus for me. =D I'm sure that would change monthly especially if there was anything yogurt coated or made with soybeans as the base.

Consider giving a month (or several months) of treats to your friends & relatives for Holiday Gifts! This is perfect. Just wrap up a family friendly game and make up a card telling them that they will receive a NatureBox soon - it's Family Night all wrapped up!

Join now to start discovering healthy, hand-picked snacks 
from NatureBox for $19.95/month

One of GivingNSharing's lucky readers is going to WIN a box of NatureBox Treats soon! It won't be August's Box which is what I got - but a future box. 
Please make sure you follow all the instructions for the entries you claim - I check each winner drawn and if it's not there all of your entries will be deleted. I've had several people claiming them and not following through & that's just not fair to those that do it right.

Please DO NOT click that entry button unless you actually do the task.

  (RC Gadget has been removed & Winner Drawn)

At NatureBox, we source delicious, healthy snacks and deliver them straight to you. 
Discover how you and your family can feel good about the way you snack! 


  1. The August box is my favorite.
    jednc @ hotmail .com

  2. The July box looks good! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. The July Box- those Lemon Pucker Pistachios look delicious.


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