Saturday, August 11, 2012

Car Remote NOT working?

Keyless Entry Car Remote for a 2004 Oldsmobile AleroI haven't had a remote that worked in over a year and wasn't about to spend $300 on a new one! I was at my local hardware store and they just signed up for this new service to help you get a new "reasonably priced" one for $50-90! If at possible you have to take in a working remote (all of them that work with your car including your spouses & anyone else who uses your car - that way they can set the algorithm to unlock/lock & do the truck on the remote) YEP - Thanks to NUMB3RS I know WHY they need all the remotes!) 

Evidently with this new service you can also:
1. Get new batteries installed in your remote. (I was told this couldn't be done)
2. Get new car keys with a "chip" made up for spares.
I took my remote in and all I needed was a new battery in it & they fixed that right up for me. Not many stores are doing this yet - only one ACE Hardware in Omaha so far. So, be sure to ask. They can also make new keys for your car that has the "chip".

Find more info for your car here: - If you don't have a working remote - it's a real hassle according to the store - involving removing the "motor???" which to me wouldn't be worth it.

Disclosure - this post is not part of a marketing event. Nothing was given to me and no money exchanged hands. I'm sharing because I've heard so many people that can't afford to spend $300 for a new remote. Hopefully it helps someone.

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