Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pambras ~ a great tool for women!

Summer Heat ~

During the summer I host several literacy booths at farmer's markets, outdoor festivals and even a few garage sales. One of the things I hate about working outside is how sweaty my undergarments get, especially my bra. It sticks to me and gets cold and clammy when I finally have a chance to sit and relax. Ugh!

I recently came across the Pambra's website - I don't know why I never thought of a product like this! It's genius! I'm not large breasted but I still have problems with sweat getting in the underside of my bra and I always feel dirty and smelly (although no ones ever said anything - thank heaven =D).

Pambra's are ideal for: 
  • Any woman who wants a little extra protection in the summer (or any time of year when you get hot and sweaty).
  • Anyone who is sensitive to underwire bra's (they bruise me very easily) or elastic which can cause irritation.
  • Breast Cancer survivors who need a little comfort in your bra from your prosthesis. (they have liners specifically for mastectomy needs)
  • Skin on Skin contact: Lower Abdominal Folds - they have a liner to help protect from irritation, sores, etc.
I received a package of 3 white Pambras (also available in Black and Nude). They were very easy to tuck into my simple cotton bra and although my bra seemed a little bulky at first I forgot it was there pretty quick. This year we are already having 90 degree temperatures (in March!) and so I've been able to use them a couple times in the heat - I noticed a big difference in my comfort level and I think in the summer Pambra's will help me stay dry and comfortable. I'm curious to see how I like them with our 100% humidity and 100 degree weather this summer.

If you aren't familiar with Pambra's check out this video:

To pick the size you need depends on how much coverage you need. I am a 44B and choose the extra large size - but found that that is much to large for me - I should have just gotten a large. The XL just adds a little extra bulk and I find it difficult for me to tuck the sides in. So, depending on how far around you want the liner to go (for instance if you have skin that sorta flaps on your back you might want that extra length for the sides and back of your bra). 

One of the other benefits you'll find on the website is detailed instructions on how to find your bra size - if you're getting straps that dig in or fall down chances are you're wearing the wrong size. Click here to find your size.

Pambras are sold at several boutiques and health centers across the US and internationally.  Click here to find a location near you.

Learn More about Pambra's:
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