Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crock Pot Sundays! Link Up...

The other day I got a message on Facebook saying "Congratulations on Winning". Now usually I ignore those unless I know what it is or who is sending it. This time it was from my friend Melissa at work and I'm like - "What did I win?"

I won a 7 qt Smart Pot Crock Pot, a Crock Pot Recipe Collection Cookbook and 6 of the Bear Creek Soup Mixes. How exciting! I've decided that I'm going to have Sundays be Crock Pot Sundays - at least for now. It's going to be interesting because I'm single - and I'm trying to figure out how to use such a HUGE crockpot!

The Smart Pot Crock Pot is heavy duty. There is a removable oval stoneware crock that sits inside with a heavy clear glass lid and both are dishwasher safe..The exterior finish  is stainless steel and you can program the crock pot by just clicking the 'program' button and the light moves around to the 2, 4, 6, or 8 hr buttons. When your crock pot is finished it automatically changes to a warm setting which is wonderful! I definitely like that the manual is online and if you lose the one that came with it you can always access it. Click here for more details.

This would be an ideal gift for Newlyweds and would be great for family get-togethers and making up BIG pots of soup.

Today's Crock Pot recipe is: Favorite Chicken
from the Crock Pot Recipe Collection - click here to order
1 whole chicken (about 3 pounds), cut into pieces (I used 3 large chicken breasts, sans skin)
1 cup chopped onion
1 cup sliced celery
1 cups sliced carrots
1/2 teas seasoned salt
1/2 teas black pepper
1/4 teas garlic powder
1/4 teas poultry seasoning
3-4 medium potatoes, cut into slices
1 can (14 oz) chicken broth

In the following order, place the chicken, onion (I used the frozen chopped season onions with green peppers), celery, carrots, salt/pepper garlic powder and poultry seasoning in a 4 1/2 qt Crock Pot slow cooker. Top with potatoes. Add broth. Cover, cook on High for 30 minutes and reduce heat to Low. Cook on Low 6-8 hours.

Note: I used a 7 qt cooker - so be sure your larger crock pot is at least 2/3'rds full. If not, add more chicken, veggies or at least water or broth. This is per the New Crock Pot Recipes facebook page.


Share your favorite recipe - crock pot or not - on Sundays! Just link up and we can jump around and share recipes with each other & make new friends. Be sure to link up to your actual post - not your overall blog.

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