Sunday, January 22, 2012

Organizing for Moms

Have you found the perfect calendar yet? I usually wait until now to find a calendar mostly because I refuse to pay $15 to $20 (or more for my daytimer) for a calendar. I've found just the tool. I can print out what I need, when I need it and don't end up having scads of extra papers, sections and categories I'll never use. (Anyone need a mileage planner?)

The Printable Planner for Moms is unique because 

you only print the forms that benefit YOU!

Mom CalendarWith The Printable Planner for Moms yearly membership you receive:
* Weekly Planner Pages
* Monthly Calendar Planning Pages
* Address Book
* Dr Appointment Planner
* Bible Study Planner Heart Pictures, Images and Photos
* At a Glance Special Dates by Month
* Christmas Card List
* Password List Heart Pictures, Images and Photos
* Menu Planner with Grocery Lists Heart Pictures, Images and Photos
* and more added as the year goes on.....

Is there something on the list you don't see (full list here)? As a member you can request a list or form for what you need!

As a member of The Printable Planner for Moms you will receive all of this for just $4.99 per year!

Download what you want, when you want, and more for just one low membership price per year.
You may cancel at anytime!

One of YOU may receive a Lifetime Membership to The Printable Planner for Moms! Cool Huh?

Don't want to enter? Pls Tweet:
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  1. I really need the budget planner and todo list as I am determined to get organized this year. The bible study planner is a great addition.

  2. Hi,

    This is nice, I'd like to have one. It would be organized if you have a planner.

    Visit me here:

    Thank you


  3. I would love to have a chance to use this service for free ... after messaging them about some special issues I would need forms for, they were awesome about wanting to make whatever I needed! Very neat!

    1. Also - I would want an adapted medical information form (or three, one for each kid) and important contacts form, as well as some additional notes pages for a detailed seizure diary, etc.

      And find me at my site: ;D

  4. A todo list, So need to manage time more wisely also the budgeting help


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