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Divine Appointments ~ Stocking Stuffer Idea!

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Divine Appointments is book 2 of a 3 book series and for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I really liked the main characters of the book - Josie, Lyle, Barb and Marsha and their story was easy to read and follow.  Marsha has a "twist" to her story that I personally felt could be left out of the book and I skipped those parts when I got to them and to be honest I wish the book hadn't closed with her as I felt kind of unsettled when I read it.  Maybe it's a "cliff-hanger" to encourage reading the final book?

Part of the reason I choose this book was that Josie is close to my age and I've been feeling some of the same things mentioned on the back of the book.  It's not often that an author writes a story about a woman who is nearing the middle of her life and starting to notice "changes" so I was looking forward to reading about Josie's experience.

I was also looking forward to reading a Christian fiction book and wanted to see how the author handled situations like pending layoffs, death, marriage and other themes from a Christian perspective.  If you are looking for a story with a strong Christian background you won't find it in this book.  I don't believe that the Bible was ever really quoted and other than Barb who was known for "praying and encouraging" there wasn't much else that encouraged a strong Christian belief system.  I personally would of liked to see more scripture and seeing Josie come to lean on her faith in God as her Savior and Stronghold.  (There is one section where Josie's father marries a woman who is strong in her faith but doesn't expect him to have the same faith.)

I am giving Divine Appointments 3 1/2 stars out of 5.  There is no sexual content or language in this book.  There are discussion questions in the back of the book that you can use to encourage talking about our faith and dating/marriage as Christians or if you are in a book club. I think you'll enjoy the story as Charlene is a very good writer and will definitely keep you turning pages.

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