Wednesday, August 3, 2011 -- Helping YOU save MORE than money & time:
Back-to-school season is more than just cheap school supplies and kid-size jeans. You have an opportunity to fully stock your pantry with food as well as your home office and your kids' backpacks at bargain prices if you take advantage of all the coupon and sale combinations. In particular, nearly ANYTHING that you could imagine going into a school lunchbox will be on sale - and chances are, there’s a coupon for that.

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  • Important Note: Walmart has a new Price Matching Policy with many changes. Please click the link for details and a printable page you can take with you.  For details sign into your SavingsAngel account. (Not a member yet? Click here to save on your membership)
Want to see MY Savings this weeK?

I got $63.51 worth of groceries for $10.94 this week thanks to my SavingsAngel membership! You can get these same deals.
What did I get? - Click here to see 
Check it out for yourself:
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