Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seeds For Pups - Organic Grow Kits in Biodegradale Pots

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I was at Earl May's last night and picked up some seeds for my little "garden" outside my apartment and came across these neat little bamboo pots that are completely biodegradable and can be used indoors or outdoors. When you are replanting your plant there's no reason to remove it from the pot - all you have to do is just put the plant AND the pot right into the ground or into a larger pot.
  • Indoors the pots last for 3 years, outdoors they last for 2 years before you need to replant and again you just plant it pot and all.
  • Affordable - I purchased 2 of the medium size pots for $2.99 each in dark green and orange.
  • Eco Friendly - No chemicals are used and the pots are made mainly from bamboo (along with some grass fibers, rice, wheat and corn componants). Yes, they are made in China but Bamboo is abundant there and grown in natural forests and plantations. No petroleum based products are used to make them. Vegetable Dyes are used to color the pots.
  • Long lasting & supports the environment - when you start to notice cracks in the pot you'll want to repot the plant or you can plant it outside pot and all. The pot will completely break down in the soil and provide nutrients for the soil.
  • Great for ANY type of vegetable or flower plants.

Family Activity - Making a Difference Starting at Home!

This summer why not grow a Pizza garden with your kids? You can purchase a Seed for Pups kit (1 per kid) and have them be responsible for their own ingredient. You'll want Basil, Parsley and Oregano for the seasonings. You'll also want to plant Tomatoes and Peppers that your kids can take turns taking care of. They'll need to water them and you can encourage math and journaling skills by having them measure the plants each week (say on Saturday) and then chart them on a poster board. They can journal their results and recipes in a notebook or on a poster board that you have posted in the kitchen, family room or even the mud room. Be sure to provide throwaway cameras or a digital camera that they can use to document their experience.



"Seeds For Pups"
“Seeds For Pups” was developed by Rosso’s International with the purpose of donating 100% of the proceeds to NEADS. NEADS is a non-profit organization that trains service dogs for Iraq & Afghanistan veterans who return with devastating injuries. We offer the most popular assortment of herbal seeds. Each organic grow kit is packaged in a biodegradable bamboo fiber pot & saucer and it contains seeds, peat pellets, along with great tips on how to grow an abundant herbal plant.


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