Monday, April 11, 2011

The Most Dangerous Thing You'll Do All Day

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The Most Dangerous Thing You'll Do All Day:

Every morning (or afternoon) I sign onto my computer first thing and today when I signed on I saw this link and of course it caught my attention.  So, I clicked on the little link and an article popped up by Bill Phillips and the Editors of Men's Health.

How many of you sit most of the day?  I do.  I write and follow links on the computer most of the day.  (I seriously need to get some kind of time management going but I haven't figured that part out) Anyway this article came about after Bill Phillips spotted a research report that states that people who sit all day are 56% more likely to die of heart attacks (!) - Wow! 

This applies to everyone.  Women or Men.  It doesn't matter if you smoke or not.  It doesn't matter if you're overweight or not.  It doesn't matter if you eat right or not. Evidently it's sitting for hours on end that does it.  I'll let you read the article for the reasons why they think this occurs.  

Not only does sitting all day cause heart attacks, it's also bad for your posture, your weight and causes lower back pain (I have all of that - along with locked up muscles thanks to Fibromyalgia).  

I find this study alarming and I think I am definitely going to continue to try to find a new job that doesn't require staring at a computer all day.  Or at least one where I can sit or stand as I need to.  I've tried standing at my last job.  I used boxes to lift my monitor to almost eye level and more boxes to lift my keyboard up.  It helped some but I end up with so much pain in my lower back that I can't do it for very long.

Read the article and then come back and tell me what you think.  


  1. I love criminal minds, completely addicting.

    I sit at a computer all day too but I've seen this ball seat that you can exchange with your regular desk chair. It works like one of those exercise balls but is somewhat stable for office work.

  2. I don't really like give a ways. I am at the age of getting rid of things instead of collecting them. I do enjoy reading blogs. I hope you have a great week. Doylene

  3. I love Criminal Minds. I also loved watching Numb3rs too. It's a shame they stopped making that one :(
    Have a great week!

  4. I think it's an interesting article and a good point. Fortunately for me, with 4 children, sitting all day is the last thing I would ever be doing so I don't think I need to worry about it (for now.) lol.
    I stumbled your post - my post is: Musings From a SAHM


  5. This always concerns me...I have back problems (among other things) and I spend most of my time sitting on the couch. So, I try to get up every so often to do something active and upright. I don't know how much that helps, but, I guess it's something!

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    Kristin :)

  6. That is horrible! I have worried about my back from sitting so much, but didn't know it could be even more serious.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Great reminder!
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  8. Oh my, another thing to worry about. Yikes. Although I definitely sit less now that I don't work!

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    henry happened

  9. I sit alot. It's easier to get up and moving in the spring when the weather is nice.

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  10. I couldn't help but stop and have a look at this post - I can think of some dangerous things I do most days (driving in the snow, etc.) so this caught my attention. But you're absolutely right - sitting is definitely dangerous, and something I'm trying to do less of. It's easier in the spring! I stumbled this post (w/review):

    #Mythbusters Marathons - Family Time Friday @ It's OK to be WEIRD!

  11. I force myself to work in between things I do on my computer. My feet and ankles swell up if I don't move alot. Newest follower, hope you'll come by and visit me.

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  16. One of the reasons that sitting all day without moving around enough can increase your risk of heart attack is because it drastically increases your risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis, which can theoretically travel into your heart, lungs or brain. I try to get up and move every 15 minutes, even just to stretch.

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  19. I sit on the computer all day at work as well. My entire job is on the computer. Then I go home and after dinner, I what? Oh yeah, jump back on the computer.

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