Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Fun and More

It's the end of the weekend and I'm just now getting into being social (LOL). I found a new blog hop and signed up for it. Let's Get Social is the brainchild of a fabulous group of five bloggers called the Fab 5! The Fab 5 includes Bridget of Guide to Smart Shopping, Jennifer of Sweep Tight, Jessica of Mom of all Trades, Tree of Mother of Pearl It Is, and Brandi of Life with Five Monkies.

Be sure to join me NEXT WEEKEND on Let's Get Social and let's have some FUN!
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I met my friend today at Panera's and we had a nice chat over salad's and yummy sandwiches. I had the Greek Salad and a Sierra Turkey Sandwich on ciabetta bread. Being laid off I find I'm not eating as much so I didn't even manage more than 1/2 of my meal. It's funny how when I'm at work that's all I do - when I'm at home I'm lucky if I eat more than 1 meal a day & a bowl of cereal.

New Updated and Expanded VersionAnyway afterwards I went to the Barnes and Noble there and found a couple of great books. One is a great book by Jennifer Ford Berry called Organize Now! I'm excited about this book because it's organized as a week-by-week guide to simplify your space and your life. It starts by working on Weeks 1-4 Organize yourself which covers Organizing Your Mind and Life Vision and each week has a checklist of Weekly Goals and concludes with a list of How to Stay Organized with Once a Month, Every 3-6 Months and Once a Year items to work on with a handy check list, tips and comments spread throughout the book.

Other chapters are:
• Organize Your Papers
• Organize Your Things
• Organize Your High-Traffic Areas
• Organize Your Personal Spaces
• Organize Your Storage Areas
• Organize Your Special Events
• Organize Your Routines

Jennifer mentions in her introduction (paraphrased): "I felt people needed a simple, straightforward book to help them get their lives organized." It will give you a fast, simple and straightforward guideline to follow and useful tips to help you stay organized for the rest of your life. Each week a series of small goals will be set for you. Focus on one goal until completion and then move on to the next. There are a number of tips to help you reach each week's goals (at your own pace). If you find these tips helpful, use them. If they don't work for you, follow your own methods to reach your organizing goals.

What I really liked about the book, is Jennifer encourages us to move at our own pace and in the order that works for us (ie - I'm planning on skipping the first chapter and working on Personal Spaces first).

You can read a portion here - (just scroll down to see it)

Which area would you work on if you had this book?

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