Friday, February 11, 2011

Just With It review

Well, my friends, Melanie, Bev and I went to see Jennifer Aniston's newest flick. Just Go With It - I don't think I've laughed so much in a very long time. This movie was GREAT! I highly recommend this movie for a couples or as a ladies night out.

Here's the trailer:

My Review:
Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) plays an office assistant to a Plastic Surgeon (of course, it's Hollywood) and when Danny (Adam Sandler) lies to the girl who he thinks could be the "ONE" he has to get himself out of a jam. So, he asks Katherine to be his "WIFE" to whom he is getting divorced. From there the story gets really funny and if you ignore the obvious sleeping with one who is not your WIFE and that he is lying to the girl he thinks he wants to marry - you'll find the story is well written and the soundtrack is wonderful.

Normally I don't like Adam Sandler. I find his humor can be dirty and Jr High'ish but in this movie his timing and acting click.  Both he and Jennifer are very like able and the guy who plays Adam's cousin in the film is hilarious.  There is quite a bit of bathroom humor (it's Adam Sandler and Jennifer has a 7 year old son in the film), a lot of innuendo about certain male parts and of course there is the typical Plastic Surgery jokes.  

I think the film was made to attract families including kids, but due to the jokes and there are some pics of a woman in bras (this happens to be a pretty funny scene) I personally would not take kids.  Maybe mid teen girls (around 15/16) but definitely not younger kids.  

Just so you know, there is a surprise actress in this film.  Nicole Kidman walks in about 1/2 way through and she plays her part beautifully.  The kids were cute, but the little girl (Jennifer's daughter) is very annoying and overacts her part all the way through.

I rate this film a 5 Star flick.  Age 15+.  Very little language (again it's "supposedly" for families) and there is some sexual innuendo and a tiny bit of nudity from the back (waist up).

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