Monday, February 21, 2011

Brrr it's gotten so chilly here in Omaha!

Hi everyone!  After a week of beautiful temperatures where the kids dug out their shorts and I actually haven't worn my heavy winter coat...... it's gotten really chilly again!  We were due for thunderstorms and I think we actually got rain but no thunder.  (I LOVE listening to thunder!)

Anyway, I went out a couple days ago and got a new heat pack for my back which has been locking up badly lately.  What a joke!  It's about as big as my hand, doesn't get very hot and cools down really fast.  This one was filled with a gel and I prefer the clay ones but was unable to find them at HyVee and I was hurting too badly to deal with Walmart.
Mom Spotted  
So, I was excited to see that Mom Spotted is giving away a set of Corn Warmerz to a lucky winner.  I would LOVE to be that winner!  The Corn Warmerz are eco-friendly, microwavable heating pads for hands, your back, coat pockets and they also have neck warmers.  They are made in a wide variety of fabric designs that you'll love!

There are many uses for your Corn Warmers such as:
*Arthritis Pain *Migraine Headaches *Menopausal Night Sweats *Post Cosmetic Surgery *Stress Relief *Sore Muscles *Neck & Back Pain *Midwife/Doula *Labor Pain *Menstrual Cramps *Tooth Aches/TMJ *Sinus Pain Relief *Improve Circulation *Insomnia *Cold Pack *Boo Boos *Bed Warmer *Foot Warmer *Pet Bed Warmer *Coaches Keep On Hand As A Cold Pack *Take Along To Sporting Events *Keep a Heating Pad In The RV Or Boat House

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