Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hackers - I wanna "SMACK" em!

Hi everyone - I have no idea if you will receive an email from me since you are following me - but I thought I'd give you a heads up.  Someone hacked into both of my Gmail accounts this morning, changed the passwords on me and I think deleted a bunch of my emails!!!! GRRR

Please, if you get an email from wswpub(at) don't open it if the subject line says "Trouble".  It's basically a fishing email asking for funds because I'm in London (I wish) and need some help getting a plane home (asking for $).  I am still in 30 degree Omaha, NE and mad as all get out!  What a hassle.

I did manage to get into wswpub(at) and change my passwords.  I'm still trying to get into contact(dot)thebooklady(at) to change those.  Gmail admin is working on it.

Thanks for your patience - I really appreciate it!  Tina

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