Saturday, December 11, 2010

Health Challenge Event - starts 1/15/11


Hi - The Health Challenge Event will be a 6 week event starting 1/15/11.  I would love to have some of my bloggy friends join us so we can encourage each other to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise (what ever your goal is).  I'm only asking everyone to journal their progress (whether it's weight loss or just becoming more healthy) - you don't have to use the same program I am, so long as it's healthy and nutritious.

I will be kicking off the program 1/15/11 with the NEW Walk-Eat-Lose program from and am looking for other items that would be beneficial to people trying to improve their health.
Would you please email me @ contact(dot)thebooklady@gmail(dot)com if you are interested so we can chat further? Thank you!

If you are interested in joining me please leave a comment below in the comments field.  I'd love to hear how you are doing, what "tricks" or things have worked for you and if you'd like to join me with Walk-Eat-Lose that would be awesome too!

Thanks!  Tina "The Book Lady"


  1. Hi Tina!
    I'm a little I need to have a blog to participate? WHat link from FB?
    ~Mippy :)

  2. What a fun blog you have!!
    Stopping by from Friday Follow blog hop. Hope you get a chance to check out my blog,
    Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings,

  3. Hi Mippy - sorry. If you have a facebook page and would like to use that instead you can. I just want a way so that we can stop by and encourage you and also a place you can "journal" how you're doing. With a blog and the facebook page - you have the option of having a private blog or page where you can 'invite' us to join you. You can email me if you'd like - if you have questions:

  4. Hi, I am definitely interested. I have to start doing something!!

    I will be emailing you from

  5. Hi Tina!
    I will also be starting on a new fitness program on Monday Jan. 3rd. I will be starting Turbo Fire! I can't wait to start it! I have been on my weight loss journey for about 6 months now and have lost over 20 pounds! Good luck with your journey!


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