Thursday, November 25, 2010

Savings on


Last year I stumbled upon the File-It line of calendars and snapped it up!  I had been feeling really unorganized with my Usborne Books business the prior year.  It seemed like I had receipts all over and to many methods of bookkeeping going on - very frustrating.

Each of the months in the calendar is a separate file folder.  At the end of each month I just tear it out, total up my categories: business, personal and anything else I need to keep track of.  Then I just plug it into my file cabinet and it's all ready for taxes.  The back of the file folder has a section for notes.

Right now is offering FREE Shipping if you use Coupon Code: SR0633

Hmmm... I just noticed this calendars on sale & I haven't gotten mine yet.   See ya!

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